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    Jo Tondeur
    Jo Tondeur

    I’m currently working as a Professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. My research interests are in the field of educational innovation. Most of my work focuses on ICT-integration in education and how this can be associated with teacher and school characteristics.

    In more recent work, I’m especially interested in exploring the interplay between (ICT)-innovations and professional development. I’m committed to finding solutions to real problems by setting up design research, for instance investigating how TPACK can be developed through teacher design teams. Moreover, much of my work is related to the social implications of ICT-use, such as the potential of ICT in Africa.

    I’m happy to discuss the possibility of collaborating in a variety of topics related to my mission: to contribute to educational practice/research in order to discover how ICT and pedagogical approaches can enhance formal and informal learning.

    Twitter: @jotondeur

    Publications at ResearchGate