Knowledge Bases - Building Blocks

The knowledge bases consist of 13 building blocks. The building blocks are based on the conceptual model below. The conceptual model provides a map for the professional development of teacher educators. Also on this page you will find some video examples of good practices, and an overview of relevant web sources.


Building Blocks

Each building block has an introduction page, and offers suggestions for further reading and related blogs.

  1. ICT and technological change
  2. Social change
  3. Diversity
  4. Communication and relations
  5. Boundaries
  6. Identities
  7. Visions
  8. How I teach is the message
  9. Personal, local, national and global level
  10. Stages of professional development
  11. University-based and school-based teacher educators
  12. Research
  13. Assessment


Conceptual Model

More information about the purpose and theoretical background of the model



Planning for Instructional Alignment

This video introduces instructional alignment as a practically plausible way in which to exemplify the coherent planning of curriculum, assessment and instruction.

The Professional Practice of Teacher Educators: Using a mentoring conversation to support per-service teachers’ self-evaluation
Designing Professional Development for Teacher Educators: The InFo-TED Summer Academy

- Yvonne Bain, University of Aberdeen, Scotland

Supporting Student Teachers’ Development: Student Teacher Learning Communities (STLCs)
The full value contract for a safe learning environment

- Ann MacPhail, University of Limerick, Ireland


Web Sources

InFo-TED Web Sources - Updated 29 January, 2019 (PDF)