Regional Seminar - UK and Ireland

Learning in an International Context

General Teaching Council Scotland (GTCS), Clerwood House - Edinburgh, Scotland

28 November, 2017


The InFo-TED UK and Ireland Regional Seminar was held in Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh, with attendees from across Scotland, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. The General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) premises at Clerwood House offered a wonderful venue with a warm welcome given to all by Ellen Doherty, Director of Education, Registration and Professional Learning for the GTCS (see photo).

The agenda for the day allowed attendees to learn more about InFo-TED and the international imperatives for teacher educators:


  • International Imperatives for Teacher Educators (Jean Murray)
  • InFo-TED research findings from Ireland (Anne MacPhail), England (Warren Kidd and Gerry Czerniawski) and Scotland (Yvonne Bain and Donald Gray)
  • InFo-TED developments on the conceptual model, the VLE and the blogs (Donald Gray, Warren Kidd and Yvonne Bain)
  • Sustainable developments for InFo-TED (led by Donald Gray)
  • Sustainability across networks and nations (led by Mary O’Sullivan)


This created the stimulus for rich discussion with the invited attendees offering insights on the professional learning of teacher educators and teacher education from their different contexts and perspectives, and the opportunity to explore connections with InFo-TED and other networks, ensuring an engaging day for all.