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Ruben Vanderlinde


Forum Manager - Professor

Ghent University, Belgium

Ruben Vanderlinde is a Tenure Track professor at the Department of Educational Studies at Ghent University in Belgium. His research interests are in the field of educational innovation, teacher training and professionalisation, and the integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in education. He publishes widely on these topics, both in ISI listed journals and more practitioner oriented journals. He teaches “Educational Innovation” and “Pedagogy of Teaching” at the bachelors and masters of Educational Sciences (Ghent University).


Key Publications

Tack, H. & Vanderlinde, R. (2016). Measuring teacher educators' researchly disposition: Item development and scale construcion (PDF)

Tacl, H. & Vanderlinde, R. (2014). Teacher educators' professional development: Toward a typology of teacher educators' researcherly disposition (PDF)


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Hanne Tack


Ghent University, Belgium


Eline Vanassche


University of Leuven, Belgium


Gerry Czerniawski



University of East London, England

Gerry Czerniawski is Professor of Education and Research Degrees Leader at the Cass School of Education and Communities, University of East London. A National Teaching Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Gerry serves on the British Education Research Association (BERA) Council and is Chair of the British Curriculum Forum.


Key Publications

Czerniawski G. 2018. Teacher educators in the twenty-first century: identity, knowledge and research. London: Critical Publishing.

Czerniawski, G., Gray, D., MacPhail, A., Bain, Y., Conroy, P., & Guberman, A. (2018). The professional learning needs and priorities of higher-education-based teacher educators in England, Ireland and Scotland. Journal of Education for Teaching, 44(2).

Czerniawski G., MacPhail A., Guberman A. (2017). The professional development needs of higher education-based teacher educators: an international comparative needs analysis. In: the European Journal of Teacher Education. 2017, Vol.40(1), p.127-140

Czerniawski G. (2016). A race to the bottom: Prison Education in England and Wales. In: the Journal of Education Policy. 31 (2): 198-213.

Czerniawski G., Kidd W., Murray J. (Forthcoming). We are all teacher educators now: understanding school-based teacher educators in times of change in England. In: Swennen A., Kosnik C. and Murray J (Eds). International research, policy and practice in teacher education: insider perspectives. London: Springer.

Murray J., Czerniawski G., Barber P. (Forthcoming). Who is teaching me and what do they know? Student teachers' perceptions of their teacher educators. In. Swennen A., Kosnick C and Murray J (Eds). International research, policy and practice in teacher education: insider perspectives. London Springer

Czerniawski G., Ulvik M. (2014). Changing context, changing landscapes - a review of teacher education in Norway and England. In: Rabensteiner P. & Rabensteiner G. Internationalisation in Teacher Education. Balmannsweiler: Schnieder Verlag Hohengehren.

Czerniawski G (2013) Professional development for professional learners: teachers’ experiences in Norway, Germany and England. Journal of Education for Teaching 39:4.


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Jean Murray



University of East London, England

Jean Murray works at the Cass School at the University of East London. Her research focuses on the sociological analysis of teacher education policies and practices with particular interests in teacher educators’ identities and professional learning. She has produced more than 150 publications, which have led to many national and international research projects and invitations to give keynotes.


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Maria A. Flores


University of Minho, Braga, Portugal


Riitta Jyrhämä


University of Helsinki, Finland


Katriina Maaranen


University of Helsinki, Finland


Vasileios Symeonidis


University of Innsbruck, Austria


Antonio Calderón


Web- coordinator

University of Limerick, Ireland


Ann MacPhail


University of Limerick, Ireland

Ann MacPhail is currently Assistant Dean Research of the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences at the University of Limerick, Ireland. Ann's main teaching and research interests revolve around (physical education) teacher education, young people in sport, curriculum development, teaching, learning and assessment issues, methodological issues in working with young people and ethnography. Ann is Co-Director of the Physical Education, Physical Activity and Youth Sport Research Centre (PE-PAYS Ireland). Ann is Associate Editor for the journal Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy and a member of the Editorial Board for the Journal of Teaching in Physical Education.


Key Publications

McEvoy, E., MacPhail, A. & Heikinaro-Johansson, P. (2015) Physical Education Teacher Educators: A 25-Year Scoping Review of Literature, Teaching and Teacher Education, 51,162-181.

MacPhail, A., Patton, K., Parker, M. & Tannehill, D. (2014) Leading by Example: Teacher Educators' Professional Learning through Communities of Practice, Quest, 66(1), 39-56.

MacPhail, A., Tannehill, D. & Goc Karp, G. (2013) Preparing pre-service teachers to design instructionally aligned lessons, Teaching and Teacher Education, 100-112.

MacPhail, A. (2014) Becoming a teacher educator: legitimate participation and the reflexivity of being situated, in T. Fletcher & A. Ovens (eds) Self-study in physical education: The interplay between scholarship and practice, 47-62. London: Springer.


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Ainat Guberman


Deputy Head of the Research Authority

MOFET Institute, Israel

Dr. Ainat Guberman is Deputy Head of the Research Authority at The MOFET Institute. She is currently serving as a lecturer at David Yellin Academic College of Education, as well as in the Department of Education at the Hebrew University. Her main field of interest and research is cognitive development in early childhood. Her book: "Graphic texts: literacy enhancing tools in early childhood", written in collaboration with Eva Teubal, was published in 2014 by Sense and in Spanish by Paidos, and is currently being translated into Chinese.

Dr. Guberman received her B.A., M.A. and PhD (all cum laude) from the Department of Psychology at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.


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Kari Smith


Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Kari Smith’s main research interests are mainly teacher education, professional development, mentoring novice teachers and assessment for and of learning. She has acted as the Head of Teacher Education programs abroad as well as at the University of Bergen in Norway. Currently she is the Head of the Norwegian National Research School in Teacher Education (NAFOL).

Kari is active in the European Association for Research in Learning and Instruction (EARLI), previously as the Coordinator for the Assessment and Evaluation SIG (1) and till August 2015 as the Coordinator for Teaching and Teacher Education SIG (11). She has published widely and has given invited talks in Australia, New Zealand, China, Dubai, Korea, Singapore, Africa, USA, South America, Europe, Israel, and in her own country, Norway.


Key Publications

Smith, K. (2011). The multi-faceted teacher educator – a Norwegian perspective. Journal of Education for Teaching, 37(3), 337–349.

Smith, K. (2015). Mentoring – a profession within a profession. In H. Tillema, G. van Westhuisen, & K. Smith (eds.) Mentoring for Learning – Climbing the mountain (pp. 283–298). Rotterdam: Sense publishers.

Smith, K. (2015). Assessment for learning-a pedagogical tool. In D. Wise, L. Hayward & J. Pandya (eds.) The SAGE Handbook of Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment, Chap. 46. London: Sage.

Smith, K. (2015). The Act of Diplomacy: Looking back at the position as the Head of teacher education. In R. Clift, J. Loughran, G. Mills. & C. Craig (eds.). Inside the Role of the Dean. International perspectives on leading in higher education (pp. 132–146). London-New York, Routledge-Taylor Francis Group.


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Juliette Boks Vlemmix


NTNU, Norway


Yvonne Bain


Senior Lecturer

University of Aberdeen, Scotland

Yvonne Bain is a Senior Lecturer in Education at the School of Education, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, with responsibilities for ‘Alternative Routes’ for initial teacher education and strategic developments for new initiatives. She has taught on teacher education programmes (undergraduate and postgraduate) for many years and supports Masters and PhD students. Her PhD explored Higher Education students' experiences of learning through online discussion. Her scholarly and research interests are in the professional development of educators and online learning.


Key Publications

Bain, Y.C., Brosnan, K. & McGuigan, A. (2018) Transforming practice, transforming practitioners: reflections on the TQFE in Scotland. Research in Post-Compulsory Education.

Czerniawski, G., Gray, D., MacPhail, A., Bain, Y., Conroy, P., & Guberman, A. (2018). The professional learning needs and priorities of higher-education-based teacher educators in England, Ireland and Scotland. Journal of Education for Teaching, 44(2).

Bain, Y., Bruce, J., Weir, D. (2017) Changing the landscape of school/university partnership in Northern Scotland. Professional Development in Education, 43 (4), pp. 537-555. DOI: 10.1080/19415257.2016.1231132

Gray, D. S., Bain, Y. & Weir, D. (in press 2017) Scotland: its schools and teachers. In International Handbook on Teacher Education World Wide. Wolhuter, C. (ed.). 2 ed.


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Donald Gray



University of Aberdeen, Scotland

Donald Gray is currently a Professor in the School of Education at the University of Aberdeen. He has previously been Research Director for the Scottish Teachers for a New Era initiative, Director of Postgraduate Research Degrees and Director of Research and Interdisciplinarity in the School of Education. He started his career as a biology teacher and has a background in science education, curriculum development and educational research as well as general research related to teacher education. He is particularly interested in science, society and sustainability issues and how these are addressed in educational contexts. Donald is a member of the British Educational Research Association, the European Science Education Research Association and the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain.


Key Publications

Aderibigbe, SA., Colucci-Gray, L. & Gray, DS. (2016). Conceptions and expectations of mentoring relationships in a teacher education reform context. Mentoring and Tutoring: Partnership in Learning

Gray, D. & Weir, D. (2014). Retaining public and political trust: teacher education in Scotland. Journal of Education for Teaching, vol 40, no. 5, pp. 569-587.

Gray, DS. & Colucci-Gray, L. (2014). Globalisation and the Anthropocene: The Reconfiguration of Science Education for a Sustainable Future. Sisyphus - Journal of Education, vol 2, no. 3, pp. 14-31.

Colucci-Gray, L., Das, S., Gray, DS., Robson, D. & Spratt, JC. (2013). Evidence-based practice and teacher action-research: a reflection on the nature and direction of 'change'. British Educational Research Journal, vol 39, no. 1, pp. 126-147.


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Bregje de Vries


Vrije University Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Helma Oolbekkink-Marchand


Assistant Professor

Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Helma Oolbekkink-Marchand is an assistant professor at Radboud Teachers Academy and a Lecturer at Han University of Applied Sciences. She is responsible for courses such as “lesson design and practitioner research” in teacher education. Also, she has experience with (developing) school-university partnerships. She is a board member of the Dutch Teacher Educator’s Association.

Her research interests relate to teachers and teacher educators professional development through (practitioner). Also, she is interested in (the development of) teachers’ professional identity and agency in early career teachers and experienced teachers in the school. She has published her research both in international peer-reviewed journals and in practitioner oriented journals.


Key publications

Oolbekkink-Marchand, H. W., Hadar, L. L., Smith, K., Helleve, I., & Ulvik, M. (2017). Teachers' perceived professional space and their agency. Teaching and Teacher Education, 62, 37-46.

Luttenberg, J., Meijer, P., & Oolbekkink-Marchand, H. (2017). Understanding the complexity of teacher reflection in action research. Educational Action Research, 25(1), 88-102.

Meijer, P. C., Oolbekkink, H. W., Pillen, M., & Aardema, A. (2014). Pedagogies of developing teacher identity. In International teacher education: Promising pedagogies (Part A) (pp. 293-309). Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Oolbekkink-Marchand, H. W., van der Steen, J., & Nijveldt, M. (2014). A study of the quality of practitioner research in secondary education: Impact on teacher and school development. Educational Action Research, 22(1), 122-139.


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Paulien Meijer



Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Paulien Meijer is a professor of Teacher learning and development at the Radboud Teachers Academy. Before this position, she was appointed at the University as associate professor, teacher of civics in secondary education in Zoetermeer, assistant professor at the University of Utrecht and at the Dutch Open University.


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Amanda Berry



Monash University, Australia

Amanda (Mandi) Berry is a professor in Education at Monash University, Australia. Mandi's research focuses on two interconnected themes: the professional knowledge of science teachers (in particular, pedagogical content knowledge) and how that knowledge develops through different experiences and career phases, and the work and learning of teacher educators. Mandi has published extensively in these areas, including studies of her own practice as a high school science teacher and university teacher educator.

Monash University profile


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Frances Rust


Senior Fellow & Director of Teacher Education

University of Pennsylvania, USA

Frances O’Connell Rust is a Senior Fellow and Director of Teacher Education at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Eduation. She is Professor Emeritus at New York University’s Steinhardt School of Education. Since 1985, she has directed undergraduate and graduate-level teacher education programs at Teachers College of Columbia University, Manhattanville College, Hofstra University, and NYU.

Frances' research appears in a variety of publications including: Teachers College Record, Teacher Education Quarterly, Teachers and Teaching-theory and practice, Teaching and Teacher Education, Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education. Rust serves on the AERA Summit on Teacher Education. She is an executive editor of Teachers and Teaching-theory and practice, and of Voices of Practitioners, the online teacher research journal of NAEYC. She is a founding member of the International Forum on Teacher Educator Development (InFo-TED). She has given invited addresses in Europe, Israel, China, Canada, and throughout the United States and regularly consults with universities and NGOs on the design and implementation of teacher education programs.


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