Welcome to the ED-TED online resource bank!


InFo-TED is delighted to present this fantastic resource for teacher education and teacher educator communities. The ED-TED online resource bank is an outcome from one of InFo-TED's latest projects and is a dynamic, open access site to share equity and diversity practices and to support teacher education programmes and teacher educators to strengthen their preparation of pre-service teachers, through offering concrete samples of equity and diversity pedagogical practices. The ED-TED online resource bank is an open source for submissions. Please complete the submission form to submit your resource and know more about the protocol. All the resources will be peer-evaluated based on four quality criteria: (1) Alignment with equity and diversity in teacher education, (2) Usability/scalability, (3) Collaboration and community engagement; and (4) Evidence, theory or experience informed. The person submitting the resource, will self-assess the resource based on those four criteria, and provide a quantitative score and a qualitative rationale explaining the extent to which the submitted resource addresses the four criteria. More information, about the quality criteria can be found in the submission form. In relation to the type of resources, they could be for instance any type of teaching and learning or assessment, or curriculum or professional development resource that you use, say narratives, case studies, rubrics, assignments, etc. (please see the video below for further information). Finally, the three resources below, are provided as exemplars, noting theat the ED-TED online resource bank is open to a variety of resources. Below you will also find a short video explaining everything you need to know about the ED-TED online resource bank! 


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