Brussels Meeting

Strengthening the conditions for professional learning of teacher educators


1 June, 2016

On June 1, 2016 the International Forum for Teacher Educator Development (InFo-Ted) organised a meeting in Brussels to discuss what needs to be done to strengthen the conditions and infrastructure for the professional learning of teacher educators at European and national levels. In this meeting we brought together key persons in policy and research in this field from the various European InFo-TED countries.

The meeting built on what already had been done at a European level (EU, 2013), national initiatives in various InFo-TED countries and recent research about the profession, conditions for professional development and the learning needs of teacher educators among InFo-TED council-members. InFo-TED has developed the first outline of a European Professional Development Program (EPDP), with a Summer School and a Virtual Learning Platform (VLP) to develop the capacity of experienced teacher educators who can support colleagues nationally and locally.


The aims of the meeting were threefold:

  • to establish the main themes for capacity building of teacher educators
  • to discuss the conditions needed to strengthen the professional learning and capacity building of teacher educators
  • to develop next steps to create, strengthen and interlink these conditions at national and European levels



Opening presentation: Strengthening the conditions for professional learning of teacher educators (PDF)

What is already done nationally? Examples from Belgium-Flanders, The Netherlands, Norway and England (PDF)

The Mofet model for teacher educator development (PDF)

Pan-European initiatives and their implications for teacher educators' professional learning (PDF)

Approaches and conditions for teacher educator development. What works? (PDF)

Final presentation: The professional develpmental needs of higher education-based teacher educators: An international comparative needs analysis (PDF)