ECER 2014

The past, present and future of educational research in Europe

1-5 September, 2014 - Porto, Portugal

The conference theme at ECER 2014 in Porto was "The past, present and future of educational research in Europe". Abstracts and presentations from InFo-TED are available below.

Professional learning of teacher educators in a shifting landscape



Since 2002, teacher educators in the Netherlands can develop a portfolio to show that they meet the professional standards as established by the Dutch Association of teacher educators. A study on the portfolio's of the first cohort (Koster, Dengerink, Korthagen & Lunenberg, 2008) showed that the teacher educators chose a practice-oriented approach to prove their competences. Within a European context of increasing policy attention from the European Commission (2013), the aim of this study, ten years on, is to examine 12 teacher educators’ portfolios written in 2012, and explore the possible consequences of social changes for the learning of teacher educators. Specifically the study seeks to address what standards teacher educators focus on, how do they learn and with whom, and what is the contribution to their professional development of following the programme? To analyse the data, we use the slightly adapted - 2002 protocol from the original study. To guarantee reliability each portfolio is analysed by two researchers. One significant outcome, compared with study ten years earlier, is that the variation in learning strategies has been extended, with a particular focus on the role of educational theory.

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Jurriën Dengerink, VU University Amsterdam

Mieke Lunenberg, VU University Amsterdam


Teacher education in crisis? An international attempt to reframe teacher educators' professionalism and pedagogy



This roundtable discussion brings together teacher educators from diverse European and international backgrounds: England, Belgium, Holland, Israel, New Zealand and Norway.

Within the backdrop of the European Commission's recent policy gaze on teacher education we stand at the juncture of paradigmatic and contradictory shifts in teacher education. While politicians and policy makers point to the significance of the academy in top performing PISA education systems, teacher education, in many countries, is increasingly moving into schools as are many of the professionals and para-professionals associated with this contested field. Conflicts between policy and practice arise as teacher educators are caught between the competing demands of job preparation, social reproduction, social engineering and social justice. By exploring broader and deeper understandings of what it means to be a teacher educator this international roundtable discussion seeks to explore the policy, practice and values that underpin this hybrid and ill-defined professional group (Murray 2012; Berry 2013). In so doing it seeks to reassert and reframe a pedagogy and knowledge base of teacher education in the light of shifting landscapes. To frame this discussion on the nature and role of a teacher education profession our round-table dialogue, with teacher educators from different European settings will, through systematic enquiry, draw upon four domains, namely identity, criticality, communication and boundary crossings.

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Ainat Guberman, The MOFET Institute

Warren Kidd, University of East London

Mieke Lunenberg, VU University Amsterdam

Jean Murray, University of East London

Kari Smith, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Ruben Vanderlinde, Ghent University