Preparing for InFo-TED 2020 -2025

The first InFo-TED policy meeting in Brussel (see below) as well as the succeeding regional meetings (see above) show that Info-TED evokes deeps discussions on the professional development of teacher educators (in the notes mostly mentioned in general themes, a few concrete examples can be found in the Flemish/Dutch regional meeting report). Moreover, InFo-TED has started a cyclic process. At the beginning of InFo-TED national developments and experiences formed the base. InFo-TED has brought these developments together and extended them. Now InFo-TED inspires new ideas on national level: starting an Association for teacher educators in Ireland, thinking about founding a teacher educator centre in Norway, etc.

The current Info-TED planning runs to the end of 2019. In 2018 and 2019 we will organize several follow-up policy meetings. We would like to invite you to join our discussion about the future policy of InFo-TED. You can join us on our Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook account. You can also contact our forum manager, Kari Smith:

4-7 September, 2018    ECER 2018

19 May, 2018    TEPE-2018 - Multiplier event 4

1 June, 2016    Brussels Meeting