The InFo-TED Summer Academy

NTNU, Trondheim - Norway / 2-6 July 2018

InFo-TED developed and organized a one-week Summer Academy for experienced teacher educators from the participating institutes, and lead by council members. Goals of this Summer Academy were the dissemination of the model and experience of InFo-TED, the collaborative professional development of the participating teacher educators, the stimulation of networks and instigation of collaborative research.

The Summer Academy was supported by a virtual learning platform. As a result, participants brought their outcomes to their home institutes and work on the organization of joint symposia in their home countries as well as at European conferences. The model and schedule of the Summer Academy were finalized in a reusable frame which will be the basis of a new Summer Academy, with participants recruited from additional countries, to be organized in the summer of 2020.


Photos from the Summer Academy